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Frequently Asked Questions

You don't need to look any further than Best Buy Scooters for a complete line of low speed vehicles, electric vehicles for sale, racing go karts, or Motor scooters. Contact us today if you don't see the answer to your question.

General Questions

Q: Do you have all parts in stock?
A: We try our best to always keep all parts in stock. Occasionally we may run out of a few of the more popular items, but always have a new shipment already on order.

Q: Are you open weekends?
A: We are open on the weekend on Satuerday, and by appointment only on sunday .

Q: What is your labor rate?

A: Our labor rate is $60/hour.

Racing Kart Questions

Q: Are there any age limits when it comes to the racing go karts you have for sale?
A: We have racing go karts for ages 4 and up.

Q: Where can I get suitable parts and accessories for the racing go karts that you have for sale?
A: We also have all the accessories and parts you need to get your racing go kart in action. We provide driving gloves, driving suits, gear and helmet bags that you will need if you are racing go karts.

Q: What type of oil should I use in my racing go kart?
A: The oil that you use will likely depend on your location and what's available. We use 10w-30 oil in all the racing go karts.

Q: What type of brake systems do the racing go karts you have for sale use?

A: We manufacturer a hydraulic disc braking system that is used on all of the racing go karts that we have for sale.Q: Where is the closest track for racing go karts?
A: There are hundreds of racing go kart tracks around the country that you can go to. Call us at 702-736-4050.

Q: Can you modify your the racing go karts you have for sale?

A: All racing go karts that Best Buy Scooters sells can be modified by you to fit whatever your tastes may be. However how they are listed on our website is how we are able to sell them at this time.

Scooter Questions

Q: Do you sell new and/or used scooters?
A: We only sell new scooters at this time. When purchasing a used scooter, not only will you not receive a warranty, but you have no way to know if that scooter had been cared for correctly with regular oil changes, etc.

Q: Do you pick up scooters in Las Vegas, NV?
A: Yes we do. Our pickup fee is $40 one way or $60 round trip.

Q: Do you sell helmets?
A: Yes! We have a full selection of  helmets available in many styles and colors.

Q: What brand of scooters do you sell?
A: We sell several different brands of scooters. Our two most popular lines areSunny Motors & Rocketa Motors.

Q: Are the scooters reliable?
A: Yes they are! With regular oil changes and check ups, your scooter can last you for many years!

Q: Do I need a motorcycle license for a scooter?
A: Every state has different laws. In Nevada, you only need a motorcycle license if your scooter has an engine larger than 50cc. If you purchase a 49cc scooter, you only need a standard driver license.

Q: What type of brake systems do you offer on your scooter models?
A: Both drum and disc brakes are available throughout our scooter line up. All scooters have both front and rear brakes.

Q: Do scooters need insurance?
A: You do not need to carry insurance for any of the 49cc scooters that we offer.

Q: What type of oil should I use?
A: You may want to use different grades based on your location, but we use a 10w-30 oil in our four stroke scooters.

Q: Do you offer extended warranties?
A: Yes, additional warranties may be purchased for your scooter. Please contact us for the details.

Service Center Questions

Q: Do you offer free estimates?
A: Yes, we offer a free estimate for every scooter brought to our repair center. You will not be charged for any work performed until you approve the estimate given.

Q: What brand and type of product will you repair?
A: Our service center will repair any brand of scooter, atv, go kart, dirt bike, generator, gasoline engine, and lawn mower. Practically anything smaller than a car with a gasoline engine can be serviced!

Q: Do you provide storage?
A: Yes, if you would like for us to store your scooter, we can do that for you. Winter break storage is $60. Summer break storage is $100. We will keep your scooter indoors at all times and will ensure the battery remains charged.

Q: How much is an oil change?
A: We charge $30 for an oil change and a thirty point inspection that covers all essential parts of the scooter.

Q: How much is a battery?
A: Our scooter batteries are $49.99.

Q: Why is there water in my gas?
A: We always recommend that our customers cover their scooters when not in use. If left uncovered, small amounts of water can leak into the gas tank.

Q: Why does my scooter not start?
A: The most common reason for a scooter not starting is a battery with low voltage. If you kick start the scooter and drive it around, the battery should charge itself up.

Q: What is an ethanol kit?
A: In 2010, the United States started placing Ethanol in our fuel. Scooters were not previously built to run on fuel with Ethanol, so kits are sometimes needed to be installed to convert a scooter to be used with fuel with Ethanol.

Q: What type of gas should I use?
A: Premium gasoline should be used for all of our motor scooters.

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